Security - Be Safe Online

Below are links to government websites and resources concerning online identity theft and steps you can take to protect yourself online.


Community Bank works closely with our card processors to monitor for fraud by watching carefully for any activity that deviates from your customary spending patterns. We use every monitoring tool at our disposal to find fraud trends and act quickly whenever suspicious activity appears on a customer’s account, or when a merchant data breach is reported to help you avoid or minimize loss.

You can help by carefully reviewing your monthly statements. Fraud activity often peaks during the holiday season. We advise you to monitor your accounts closely and use your debit or credit card only with merchants you trust. Customer service is our highest priority. We will continue to monitor transactions closely in an attempt to identify those that might be fraudulent.

Certain data breaches might cause transactions to be blocked, so if you experience the blocking of a legitimate transaction, please notify your banker right away. If we have any reason to believe your account has been compromised in any manner, we may proactively contact you and issue new cards.

Contact us immediately if you see any suspicious activity or unauthorized purchases.

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